Banded Cat Shark for sale

Banded Cat Shark: over 10-12″ = $150.00
Banded Cat Shark: over 12-14″ = $200.00


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Banded Cat Shark for sale

Banded Cat Shark for sale, Due to its tiny size compared to many other sharks, the banded cat shark is regarded as one of the best sharks for the saltwater tank at home. However, like other sharks, this one has the potential to bite, particularly when provoked. When feeding and cleaning the tank, caution should be exercised.

They usually sit in sandy regions on the ocean floor and prefer reefs and tidal pools. Sharks frequently display hostile behavior toward other fish, especially smaller ones. Always live with more powerful, aggressive species. Copper-based drugs should not be administered to sharks since they will become unwell.

Breeding Sharks

It’s likely that if you’re an expert aquarist, you’ve thought about keeping a shark as a pet. The Brownbanded Bamboo Shark is an exception to the rule since most sharks are much too large for a home aquarium. It can be housed in a sizable 180-gallon tank with other fish that get along with it because it is only around 41 inches long, and it frequently thrives in captivity.

The only major difficulties in caring for these sharks are related to feeding and medical needs: you might need to “target feed” your shark to ensure proper nutrition and to give it the meds it needs to stay healthy.


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