Dragon Fish is a highly prized fish and before you purchase a fish, always remember that it is important to know what you are getting. BEWARE OF FAKE QUALITY AROWANAS IN THE MARKET! One way of preventing this is to get your fish from a CITES registered farm and make sure that they have a good sales & reputable record. . As our farm are CITES, AVA & ISO 9001 Certified, we only sell the genuine & quality AP Farm-Bred fishes to you and here are some criteria/guidelines when choosing your fish.

Before you buy a fish, the very first thing you need to consider is the fish health. Always Remember, never purchase a fish that is always hiding in the corner, swimming abnormally or has skin lesions. Other signs of illnesses in arowanas includes clamed pectorial fins, protruding scales, protruding anus, rapid breathing and unproportionable large eyes and head (stunted fish). A healthy fish should be swimming swiftly & actively with all its fins (including pectorial) opened. The body should be board and long, scale neatly arranged and symmetrical, and its pectorial fins should be large and fully opened. The fish should be friendly and feed readily. Eyes should be clear and proportional, mouth and jaw should fit perfectly, barbles should be long, straight & neat. Color should be intense regardless of the strain. Last of all, the entire fish should be giving you an elegant & majestic feel. Below attached is a picture of an Asian arowana and a list of guidelines for you to check for in a healthy arowana.