Step 1:

Customer (Consignee) issues Purchase Order (PO) to confirm a variety of fish, quantity, and size selected.

Purchase Order (PO) to include the following details:

  1. Customer’s name and/or company’s name
  2. Customer’s address or Company’s address
  3. Contact Number.
  4. Airport for goods pick-up or home address

Step 2:

Arowana Paradise Aquarium farm confirms the Purchase order (PO) and availability of stock:

A.P issues the following:

1. Invoice to the client  

2. The client pays the invoice to our bank or telegraphic transfer and send the payment receipt to us

Step 3:

Arowana Paradise Aquarium farm obtains the Certificate Of Origin (CO) from the Local Authority.

1. We further registers for the export permit, which is the Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species (CITES).

Step 4:

Arowana Paradise Aquarium Farm faxes the following documents to the customer to apply for CITES export permit:

-Certificate Of Origin (CO)

-CITES (export permit for OTF Aquarium Farm )

-Tag (microchips) numbers of the fishes purchase.

Step 5:

Arowana Paradise Aquarium Farm:

  1. Ship the goods to the client
  2. Send the tracking number to the client