Breeding in Earth Ponds

The adult arowana brooders of 4-5 years & above of age are kept in earth ponds which is similar to its natural habitat which make breeding possible.


When a successful pairing is formed, the male will swim closely to the female and both will stay away from the others. The pair will usually swims around in a particular location to develop their territory. Successful pairing of arowanas depends on many factors such as the type of ponds, the brooders, the water, and the nurturing processes


During spawning, the male will immediately fertilize the eggs laid by the female. As the Asian Arowana is a male mouth brooder, the male will then scoop up the eggs and hold it in his mouth for incubation. The holding period can last as long as 4-7 weeks.

Harvest Routine

Before & During harvesting, routine checks and preparation is done carefully with great caution to prevent the male mouth brooders from swallowing or spilling its young fries.

Successful Breeding

Before & On reaching the calculated term, the male brooder is rounded up by net and its mouth is manually opened by the breeders to remove its fries. Each brooders can carry about 10-60 fries in his mouth.

Quarantine and incubation

Before &Once the orange-red in color young fries are removed from its parent, they are still very unstable and fragile. Hence, they have to be carefully quarantined till its nutrient-sac deflates back normally into their own body. During this period, the fries are very fragile and feeding is not required.

New Born

Before &Once these Babies reached free-swimming stage, they are considered to be over the danger period. When the fishes reached a suitable size (about 3 to 5 inches) they will be tagged with a coded microchip Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) and will be put to quarantined till its tagging wound recovered before they are ready for sale.