Koi Fish for Sale Online

Koi fish for sale online, are you looking to buy Koi fish online or koi fish wholesalers and find it intimidating to know about all the details about this fish? Well, you reached the right place for it. Let’s explore all about Koi fish!

What are Koi Fish?

Koi fish is that kind of fish which are from the freshwater of Eastern Asia. Japanese believe that Koi fish show signs of luck, prosperity, a successful career, and good fortune. These fish are an ornamental variety of domesticated common carp kept in houses and outside for decorative purposes. The vibrant and beautiful colors are the main characteristics of Koi fish.

They have been created through processes of selective breeding. Around more than 20 species of Koi fish are present, and they differ in patterns, colors, and the types of scales over their bodies. These fish can live up to 30 to 60 years of life. There have been some authenticated cases when koi fish lived up to a whopping 200 years!

How Large Can My Koi Fish Grow?

Most Koi will grow as long as 61 centimeters in around five years. Any koi fish that goes beyond 76 centimeters is known as jumbo fish and a few of them have also grown up to 91 centimeters in size. In small ponds, Koi fish won’t grow any longer than 3 centimeters.

What Factors Can Affect the Colors of Koi Fish for Sale?

The Koi fish color will be based on the variety. A few colors are either black, red, white, yellow, cream and blue. The possibility of colors is limitless, but breeders have identified only a few of them into certain categories. The most noticeable one of these categories is Gosanke made from Showa Sanshoku and Kohaku Taisho Sanshoku varieties.

What Should I Feed My Koi Fish with?

Koi are omnivorous fish that will eat various foods like snails, insects, worms, algae, fruit, and plants. Koi food is manufactured not only as nutritionally balanced but also made to float to encourage them to swim to the surface. These fish will recognize the person who feeds them and will gather around him/her during the times of feeding. They can also be trained to take food from your hands.

Where Should I Keep My Koi Fish?

Koi fish are amazingly sensitive to the sun, and they can get sunburns when left in ponds that don’t have enough shadow. At homes, these fish are kept in ponds that have colder waters in them. The pond must be at least 3 feet in depth and should have 50 gallons of water for each fish. The younger Koi fish can also be kept indoors in an aquarium of 29 gallons of water.

So are you ready to own a pet that probably may outlive you and your whole family?! Koi fish are a staple in the Japanese culture and are thought to deliver luck and prosperity. Let’s welcome an extremely intellectual pet in our houses by searching for Koi fish for sale.

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