Sunburst Seahorse Pairs (X Large)

Everyone’s Favorite! Stunning Colors!  We are now shipping beautiful yellow and orange  full size  (3-5 inches)  Sunbursts. All our seahorse for sale are farm-Raised “Live” on our farm in Denmark. We follow strict good farming practices in raising seahorses and other aquatic life. We now captivity breed dozens of seahorse species which are now on display in our aquarium room and which we sell to hobbyists and aquariums worldwide. Not only are we helping to save the seahorse from extinction and the oceans they live in, but we offer you the opportunity to help by choosing farm-raised fish over wild caught fish whenever possible.

Weight 7 lbs



Sunburst Seahorse Pairs (X Large) – Hippocampus Erectus

Sunburst Seahorse Pairs (X Large), Everyone’s Favorite! Stunning Colors!  We are now shipping beautiful yellow and orange  full size  (8-9 inches)
Wide color range from very bright yellow to pink to beige yellow to orange with white diamonds and small white lines. Very unique! No two alike. We highly recommend this seahorse for everyone.

Not only do they have bright colors but they are hardy, robust, healthy and very very friendly. They will wrap their tail around your finger when you feed them and wait for you anxiously at the feeding station waiting for breakfast and dinner. Try them…you will see! Please use bright yellow/orange artificial coral hitching posts for the sunbursts and don’t use too much light. Looking for a bright colored tank mate for your seahorses. Try our  farm raised red banded pipefish. They will eat chopped mysis along with your seahorses.

Feeding Seahorse

Sprinkle a “pinch” of Vibrance onto the frozen mysis. Allow the mysis shrimp to thaw. Gently mix the Vibrance into the mysis so that the head is red. Apply the feed to seahorse tank. You may use a feeding station for this. Find out how by going to the FAQ’s and typing in feeding station. You will see that our seahorses recognize this food quickly. This high quality frozen mysis shrimp, combined with Vibrance creates a food that is very high in HUFA’s (especially DHA omega 3 and omega 6 DHA series),carotenoids, vitamins and minerals which are essential components to the diet of the seahorse.

This is such a good diet that we recommended that you “fast” your seahorses one day per week. Feeding of live food is for your entertainment and is not necessary. However it is a good idea to feed the red volcanic shrimp once every few weeks or so to provide the seahorse with behavorial enrichment and some variation in the diet. Please do not feed live feeds of unknown origin that may introduce pathogens into your system.

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