Grey Smooth-hound Shark For Sale

Grey Smooth-hound Shark, the grey smooth-hound is a species of houndshark found from California to the Gulf of California, in Mexico. It occurs at the bottom, usually in shallow waters, but has been found in occasion in waters as deep as 200 m.

They’re viviparous. Females give birth to 2 to 5 pups. They become sexually mature when they’re about 70 cm long, and reach lengths of about 120 cm, with females being larger than males.

They’re often caught recreationally in California, and are targeted in Mexico, but since they reproduce relatively fast their numbers are stable. They’re currently considered Least Concern but populations must be monitored to prevent it from becoming endangered.

Grey Smooth-hound Shark

The grey smoothhound shark is taken as bycatch in California and is both a target and bycatch of trawl and gillnet fisheries off Mexico. Despite continued fishing pressure there is no evidence to suggest this species has declined. This is a relatively fast-growing shark, with relatively short longevity (approximately nine years), early age at first maturity (2-3 years for females) and moderate fecundity (3-16 pups per litter), and is therefore considered to have a high capacity for recovery from fishing pressure compared to other sharks. These life-history characteristics, combined with no evidence to suggest the species has declined result in an assessment of Least Concern. Given that fishing pressure is continuing, catch levels need to be quantified and catch and population trends should be monitored carefully”.

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