Galaxy P14 Hybrid Stingray Female

Galaxy P14 Hybrid Freshwater Stingray female
Potamotrygon albimaculata sp
5.5 inch


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Galaxy P14 Hybrid Stingray Female

Galaxy P14 Hybrid Stingray Female, also called Potamotrygon albimaculata sp. They are also called Potamotrygon Itaituba P14 Galaxy. Of all the freshwater stingray species, this particular P14 Hybrid Stingray undergoes the most spectacular and dramatic change.

The Royal Galaxy P14 is born with a light brownish base color and white patterns that resemble spider webs. The stingray’s colors and markings are in no way representative of what it will look like as it matures. When the stingray reaches a length of 6 to 7 inches, it begins to stretch to fill the spider web’s holes and generate whitish-looking spots in the center of each area.

Development of Galaxy P14 Hybrid Stingray

In other words, the spider-lines web’s gradually become lighter and eventually vanish. The foundation initially begins out brownish before turning dark and then black. The stingray would already have an almost entirely dark or black base color with obvious white patches all over when it reached semi-adulthood. The spider-web lines on its disc should already be nearly, if not entirely, gone by this point.

When a stingray reaches semi-adulthood, its base color will be almost entirely dark or black with obvious white patches all around. The spider-web lines on its disc would have long since disappeared, if not entirely.

From this point forward, the transformation process is almost finished, but it will never be finished because the Royal Galaxy P14’s spots would continue to get whiter and clearer as the stingray grew each day.

It would have eventually transformed from a lifeless, brownish-looking stingray with spider-web markings into one of the most incredible-looking freshwater stingrays, with a black base color and tiny spots all over its disc.

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Royal Galaxy P14 Hybrid Stingray
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Galaxy P14 Hybrid Stingray


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