Albino Crossback Arowana For sale

Albino Crossback Arowana, One of the most in-demand fish available on the market right now, the Asian Arowana is considered to be a symbol of luck, wealth and prosperity in many Asian communities and the world over. Legend states that if the Arowana fish is treated well, it will protect you against misfortunes and provide you a constant stream of good luck.

On offer here is one of the world’s rarest examples of Arowana available on the market right now: the Albino Golden Crossback Dragonfish. Rare in color and pure gold, there are approximately only 50 fish in the world with this grade and color intensity. With a lifespan of up to 20 years and a current age of below 3, you’re not only investing in a prized possession, but also a lifelong companion. While there are many Albino Asian Arowana, very rare is the Albino Golden. If you are looking for a creature with a majestic allure and a deep history of prestige within Asian communities and the world over, look no further.

Golden Arowana (Scleropages Formosus)

Probably the most famous Asian arowana of all, the golden arowana is one of the most coveted ornamental fish around the world. Native to Bukit Merah in Indonesia, the golden arowana is special because its shine extends all the way up to the sixth row of scales. Golden arowanas who have shine like this are known as ‘crossbacks’, because the level of shine has crossed up to their back (erm… obviously).

A golden arowana that has a fully golden head as well as the crossback coloration is known as the elusive ‘golden head full helmet crossback’, and is the most expensive and prestigious type of golden arowana. When it comes to this Asian arowana, the more intense the gold coloration is, the more desirable they are to aquatic hobbyists. There are also special variants of the golden arowanas that have a tint of blue towards the latter half of their bodies. These are called ‘blue-based crossbacks’ and are also considered premium fish.

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