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Bandit Angelfish, Small: over 1.5-2″, Hawaii = $300.00
Bandit Angelfish, Medium: over 2-3″ Hawaii = $350.00
Bandit Angelfish, Large: over 3-4.5″, Hawaii = $400.00
Bandit Angelfish, X-Large: over 4-5″, Hawaii = $450.00

Scientific Name: Apolemichthys arcuatus
Compatibil cu Reef: Cu prudență
Nivel de îngrijire: numai pentru experți
Dispoziție: Semi-agresiv
Dimensiunea minimă a rezervorului: 100 de galoane
Mature Size: 7 inches
Dieta: omnivor
Interval: crescut în captivitate, cu rezervor ridicat




Bandit Angelfish For sale

Bandit Angelfish, the Bandit Angelfish is best kept in marine aquariums using live rock for filtration or decoration. They are natural sponge eaters and will grave on the rock work until they can weaned onto prepared foods.

The Black & White Bandit Angelfish (Holacanthus arcuatus) is a beautiful fish which is found in the deeper waters outside of the reef, most commonly in the Hawaiian and Johnston Islands of the Pacific. A shy angelfish that should be provided lots of places to hide, and best kept in a well-established aquarium with ample live rock growth to graze on.

Origin and Distribution

This beautiful angelfish originates around the Hawaiian and Johnston Islands in the Pacific. Usually found on or near the rocky ledges of coral reefs or in caves, it is most comfortable in fast-moving water. In general, they live at depths between 12 and 50 meters, but they are capable of diving as deep as 500 feet.

Colors and Markings

The Black and White Bandit is a spectacular, rare, and very distinctive angelfish. When seeing this species in person, the white areas of the body have a somewhat reflective pearlescent appearance, which truly makes it an eye-catching aquarium fish. Its body is white with a broad black bar; a white band runs across the upper side all the way from the eye to the back of the dorsal fin. A wide white-bordered black band runs along the anal and caudal fins.

The Black and White Bandit is generally easy going with other species, but can be quite aggressive with other angelfish and with other fish of about its size. It doesn’t do well in a reef tank because of its habit of nipping at live coral. Thus, good tank mates include smaller, peaceful species; when adding new tank mates to join your angelfish, introduce the smallest and most docile first and allow time to see how your particular angelfish handles the stress of sharing space. If your tank is relatively small, consider keeping a Black and White Bandit as your only fish.

Provide your Black and White Bandit Angelfish with a large tank. Between 180-200 gallons is sufficient, but the larger the tank your happier your peşte will be. Like all angelfish, the Black and White Bandit needs top notch water quality and a fast flowing current.

Remember that these fish are native to the reefs off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands, and try to replicate that environment to the best of your ability. Provide corals and plenty of live rocks to keep your fish comfortable and happy. You can even consider creating a live rock wall where your Bandit Angelfish can graze.

It is best to avoid using a net on this fish due to the rough texture of its scales. The fish will get stuck in the net material, and once snagged the only way to separate the fish from the net is to pull it off, which is much like peeling velcro apart.


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