Цукерки Basslet

Scientific Name: Liopropoma carmabi
Reef Compatible: Reef
Рівень догляду: лише експерт
Характер: напівагресивний
Мінімальний розмір резервуара: 50 галонів
Mature Size: 2.5 inches
Дієта: М'ясоїдна
Діапазон: Captive Bred, Tank Raised




Candy Basslet – Liopropoma carmabi For Sale

Candy Basslet, the Candy Basslet is part of the larger family (Serranidae) of sea basses, groupers and reef basslets. It’s one of 23 to 27 species (depending upon whom you cite) of reef basslets in the subfamily Liopropomini. The reef basslets have always been some of my favorite aquarium fish because they’re generally hardy, attractive, easy to feed, disease-resistant, and remain small.

Also, since they do not pick at sessile invertebrates, they’re an ideal choice for the coral reef aquarium. One caveat: They will eat any shrimp or crab that’s small enough to fit into their mouth. This is less of an issue with the smaller members of genus, such as the Candy Basslet, but something to consider with larger species, such as the Wrasse Bass (L. eukrines), which can reach 6 inches in length.

Liopropoma carmabi – Candy Basslet For Sale

All the reef basslets are somewhat cryptic by nature and inhabit the caves and crevices of rocky reef structures. Depending upon the size of the aquarium, other inhabitants, lighting and décor, they will become bolder over time. All Liopropoma species share the same torpedo-shaped body and many have horizontal stripes. The Candy Basslet is most similar in size and coloration to the Swissguard Basslet (L. rubre) and Swales Basslet (L. swalisi) but is easily differentiated by its more intense coloration. Although specimens can vary in color and intensity, the Candy Basslet generally sports bright lavender and red lines against an orange body.

The colors can be so intense as to make it difficult to photograph (the colors tend to “bloom” in photographs). It’s arguably the most beautiful and brightly colored of all the coral reef fish. The coloration tends to make up for what it lacks in size. As indicated earlier, the Candy Basslet is a relatively small fish growing to a maximum adult size of about 2 1/2 inches.

Candy Basslets should start eating after a day of settling down in the aquarium. If not, you can entice them with some enriched live adult brine shrimp. You should be able to wean them off live food relatively quickly.

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